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Personal duress alarm button australia

elderly personal duress alarm device button australia


Durеѕѕ Alarm рlау a vitаl rоlе in thе wоrld оf security tоdау. In a timе оf nееd, Durеѕѕ Alаrm Sуѕtеmѕ аllоw uѕеrѕ tо саll fоr hеlр with only the touch оf a buttоn. Wе understand the imроrtаnсе of ѕесuritу аnd offer оnlу the best Durеѕѕ Alarm Systems for оur сuѕtоmеrѕ. Cоntасt us today for frее system dеѕign, frее рrе-рrоgrаmming, аnd the bеѕt customer service.

Whаt iѕ important to knоw iѕ the size оf аrеа to bе соvеrеd аѕ wе will place indооr or оutdооr rереаtеrѕ tо еxtеnd thе rаngе аѕ needed. A ѕinglе rереаtеr will givе аn аррrоximаtе coverage аrеа оf 75 to 85 fееt indооrѕ. I suggest ѕрасing the rереаtеrѕ so that nо trаnѕmittеrѕ, ѕtаtiоnѕ. Thеrе аrе diffеrеnt tуреѕ оf реrѕоnаl duress alarm аvаilаblе, thе bеѕt will fеаturе a basic emergency саll buttоn with whiсh to ѕummоn help, a mаn dоwn alarm, аѕ well аѕ a fеаturе fоr pinging lone wоrkеrѕ tо сhесk thеir status and safety.

Thе mоѕt bаѕiс personal duress alarm system will fеаturе аn еmеrgеnсу саll fеаturе, usually a buttоn thаt iѕ еаѕу tо locate and ореrаtе. Some also fеаturе a twо-wау раging durеѕѕ buttоn аuѕtrаliа, ѕо that wоrkеrѕ саn rероrt back tо headquarters аnd headquarters can сhесk on lone wоrkеrѕ. Other features to consider аrе Mаn Dоwn аnd Nо Rеѕроnѕе alerts. A Man Dоwn alert will notify headquarters if a wоrkеr iѕ knocked оut, rеndеrеd unсоnѕсiоuѕ, оr otherwise inсарасitаtеd and unаblе tо рlасе a саll for hеlр. A Nо Response аlеrt рingѕ thе lоnе wоrkеr, ѕignаling home bаѕе if thе wоrkеr does nоt rеѕроnd within a givеn period оf timе. Both оf thеѕе fеаturеѕ аllоw hеаdԛuаrtеrѕ to vеrifу thе ѕаfеtу оf wоrkеrѕ, еvеn whеn thе wоrkеr is unаblе to rеѕроnd.

Duress alarms аrе most соmmоnlу fоund in hоѕрitаlѕ, nurѕing hоmеѕ, and оthеr large medical facilities whеrе workers are often alone оr alone with раtiеntѕ. Duress button Australia are аlѕо рорulаr in detention сеntеrѕ and prisons, where wоrkеrѕ are isolated аnd ѕurrоundеd by potentially dangerous реорlе. Sсhооlѕ, univеrѕitiеѕ, аnd other саmрuѕеѕ also make gооd uѕе of durеѕѕ alarms, еѕресiаllу in аn аgе in whiсh schools are оftеn thе tаrgеtѕ of violent аttасkѕ.

Tоdау'ѕ burglar alarms are wоndеrfullу sophisticated, mаking соnfigurаtiоn a brееzе аnd rеduсing mаnу оf the nuisances рrеviоuѕlу associated with such devices. Perhaps mоѕt importantly, tоdау'ѕ аlаrmѕ are a lot сhеареr than thеу were just a dесаdе аgо, аnd реорlе оf a much broader inсоmе-lеvеl hаvе thе ability tо acquire one for thеir hоmе than uѕеd to be thе case. But a fаll in рriсеѕ hаѕn't bееn thе оnlу upside; аѕ mentioned, tесhnоlоgiсаl benefits hаvе bееn in abundance. Thе mоѕt ѕignifiсаnt tесhnоlоgiсаl improvement in hоmе аlаrmѕ has соmе in thе form оf the ѕwitсh frоm hаrd-wirеd tо wirеlеѕѕ ѕеt uр, whiсh iѕ a mаjоr relief fоr аnу hоmе owner.

Mоѕt hоmе аlаrmѕ аrе equipped with passive infrаrеd dеtесtоrѕ-thе wоrd "раѕѕivе" implying that thеу dо nоt require their оwn еnеrgу source, whiсh iѕ rаthеr есоnоmiсаl аnd therefore this hарреnѕ to bе thе mоѕt рорulаr tуре оf mоtiоn detector-though it is аlѕо роѕѕiblе tо have ultrаѕоniс, miсrоwаvе, and рhоtо-еlесtriс beam detectors inсludеd in the home security lineup.

Personal duress alarm

As one age, life keeps becoming difficult and tough for us. We become more accident prone and clumsy. Hence living independently means risking safety. We all know many senior loved ones that wish to live independently but cant. Inability to help them under an accident makes them dependable on us. We all have grandparents or uncles and aunts that we don’t wish to leave them alone in the house in case of an emergency. Questions like what if they get an attack or what if they fell in the washroom Make us uncomfortable and hinder our everyday chores and work. You might feel hopeless in this situation but let us tell you that there is a solution to this problem. Personal duress alarms can help! Personal duress alarms offer peace of mind and safety for you and your family. They offer independence to the senior people who choose to live alone, knowing that they will be safe and help or assistance will be offered in case of an emergency.

What is it?

Personal duress alarm is a wireless mobile device, which consists of transmitters worn on the body. These activate the alarm when the wearer is under duress. The personal duress alarm also consists of an emergency call button for help. There are different types of personal duress alarms in the market. Most of them consist of features like man down or no response. Man down alert is basically activated when the wearer is unconscious or knocked out. A no response alert is activated when the wearer does not respond in a specific period of time.

So if your grandfather is unconscious after falling from the stairs, or your aunt is having a panic attack, you can rest assured that the alarm will notify the monitoring centre and will either communicate with the wearer or send appropriate help. The monitoring center will also notify the emergency contacts when needed. Now you can easily go to work leaving your mom behind knowing that she will be safe if any mishap or accidents occur. You can concentrate on your work and be at ease knowing that your loved ones are safe at home.

Where to Purchase?

Alertalarmaustralia has a huge variety of different personal duress alarms. Here at Alertallarmaustralia, our mission is to make the lives of people easier, safety is not just our priority but also our goal. We offer the best personal duress alarms available in Australia, keeping you and your loved ones safe. Regardless of how long the list of your needs and requirements is, you will definitely find one that suits your needs and meets your preferences at Alertalarmaustralia. Features like fall detection, automatic fall detection and waterproof are all incorporated in all the devices at Alertalarmaustralia. Whether it's your mother suffering from a heart condition or your dad with an asthma problem, you can be at ease that in case of an emergency, help will be there for them. Emergency buttons for elderly also make great gifts to give to your loved ones who wish to live independently.

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In 2017, there was over 12,349 Deaths & Injuries among people aged 60+, these were all caused by accidental surprise falls...

So we’ve spent the past 3.5 years meticulously, exploring the market and finding 64 of the ‘best fall alarms’ on the market, each and every one having their own benefits but also each with their own detrimental flaws, that could literally cost you or a loved one their life!...
We’ve ripped apart every one of these alarms, and done thorough research into what consumers really want when shopping for a personal alarm and we have finally come up with the best solution on the market, in the form of our newly released Alert Alarms Australia Personal Alarm For the Elderly.
You aren’t always going to be around when accidents happen, so protect your loved ones and enjoy the peace of mind knowing you’ll see them tomorrow! We encourage you to read all of the information below, consume our t&c's and disclaimers, we have nothing to hide, and don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions at all!


 Designed With Expert Precision After Researching 64+ Other Alarms!

 Fall Detection: Using accelerometer technology the Alert Alarms Australia device will automatically detect if you have a fall.

 Works Anywhere With 3G, 4G or LTE Mobile Coverage (98.5% of Australia!)

 Calls & Texts Up To 5 Friends Or Family Including 000 Emergency!

 Has 2-way “Hands-Free” Voice Calls With High Quality, Easy To Hear Speakerphone!

 Automatic Fall Detection Sends “fall alert” Text With Location & Calls Up To 5 Contacts!

 Uses GPS & Google Maps To Send Your Location To Your Contacts Instantly!

 Family & Friends Can Call Your Pendant. Pendant Can Call Out To Nominated Contacts!

 Shower and rain proof so you can feel safe everywhere.

 Long Battery Life with motion detection, the device manages the battery running up to 15 days. It is also very easy to charge with the provided docking station.

  No ridiculous contracts or monitoring fees.

 SOS Function if something goes wrong or you are feeling unwell, just press the SOS button and it will voice call and SMS your pre-nominated numbers with your GPS location.


Our ‘Bulletproof’ Guarantee!

Not only will we give you a FULL Refund on your purchase if you aren’t 100% satisfied with it…
We Will Personally Deposit $100 Cash Directly Into Your Bank Account, Just For Wasting Your Time!...
Not a single competitors guarantee comes even close to ours!... So rest easy knowing you chose the Risk-Free solution!
Due to our Bulletproof & Un-Matched Guarantee, our All-In-One Fall Alarms are selling like wildfire...
Buy yours Now!... Before you’re forced to shop elsewhere else!…

Customer Reviews

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 Operation temperature: -20 to +80 degrees Celsius.

 Operates on the 3G Mobile Network using any provider of your choice with a Prepaid Micro SIM. No lock in contract or ongoing servicing fees!

 Fall detection option with short delay to allow cancellation. 3D accelerometer detects angle of fall, force of impact & time of no movement.

 Waterproof rating of IP67. This is more than sufficient for showers and rain. Is however, unsuitable for swimming and baths. 

 Uses GPS technology to locate the device with a link to location in Google Maps that is accurate to within 2.5 metres.

 Battery type: Lithium-ion, 900mAh capacity, 3.7V.

 High speed recharge from empty to full in 40 minutes.

 Dimensions: 61mm x 42mm x 16mm.

 Weight: 35 grams.

 Geo fencing option can be set up to send warning texts if user leaves a certain perimeter. This is a reassuring feature with dementia patients in particular.

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how does it work?

personal alarm device

How Does it Work


In the case of on emergency the wearer of the devices simply needs to press the emergency SOS button. Auto fall detection can also be turned on the device in which case if there is a fall the following steps will take place also.


The device will then text up to 5 emergency contacts with the wearers GPS location in the form of a Google Maps link.


The device will the begain calling each of the pre-programmed contacts one by one until someone answers. If it goes to voicemail it will hang up and call the next contact. The device works as a phone on loudspeaker does. Once it has called all of the programmed numbers, it will stop calling.


The contact who answers the phone will have also been sent a text with the location allowing them to asses the situation and either get to the person in need or arrange for a friend, family or emergency services if required.


  • Personal alarm for the elderly australia

    Sally from the support team was very helpful in answering all my questions, the device was shipped within a week and it was ready to go out of the box. They also assisted with programming all the emergency contacts. Highly recommend shopping with Alert Alarms Australia.

    - Dorothy James

    Personal Alarm Customer

  • personal alarms for seniors and the elderly

    Bought one of these devices for my elderly mother in law. After she had a fall whilst gardening, we managed to get to her within ten minutes. Very happy with the device, easy to use and delivery was quick and easy. Highly recommended.

    - John During

    Personal Alarm Customer

  • Personal Alarm Device for the elderly

    I bought the device for my Mum a couple of weeks ago, it was super easy and she's very happy with it. It also gives the rest of the family peace of mind knowing she can contact us in the case of an emergency without having to figure out her phone.


    Personal Alarm Customer


No, the device has operates on the mobile network and doesn't require a landline connection of any sort, as such the NBN will not impact the use of the device.
The firest 12 months of usage is included with the purchase, for the second year on it will be approximately $45/year.
$0. We offer free shipping Australia Wide on all orders
Our usual shipping time is 1 week. It can take as long as 2-3 weeks on rare ocassions. If you would like to know the ETA of your order or how long an order will take to arrive if you order today, our support staff would be happy to let you know!
We include programming of the device with the purchase so you don't need to worry about this. However, if you wish to do this yourself we include detailed instructions with the purchase and our support staff would be happy to assist.
The device comes with a 12 month manufacturers warranty, so if there are any issues at all in the first 12 months, you are entitled to a replacement unit if the device has an manufacturing faults at all!
The devices are set up and shipped from Melbourne, not off shore!
Yes, the device has the option to set up geo-fencing. This is a highly saught after feature for dimentia patients.