In today’s day and age an Alert Alarm is important to the point of almost being essential for the elderly and those living in aged care facilities.
Not only this but Alert Alarms are helpful for those recovering from injury, disability or even remote location workers.
Here are some reasons why people purchase our state of the art Alert Alarm units from us:
The Elderly:
  • Alert alarms have fall detection so if your loved one is at home alone or in a care facility and has a fall but can’t get to the phone, their Alert Alarm will let you know by text and phone call as well as their closest loved ones so they can be checked in on
  • Our units come with a 1 year manufacturers warranty so you know they will always work and your loved ones or you will always be safe
  • Our units come with geo fencing so if someone suffers from a disability and may walk away and get lost the unit can let you know
  • Out Alarms have inbound and outbound call functionality so you can call the device to check in and it can also call and / or text you to let you know they are ok
  • Alert Alarms have prevented more tragic incidents than any other comparable make or model on the market in Australia
  • Unlike other businesses, Alert Alarms have 7 day a week customer service and you will always have a friendly staff member to assist you any time you have a question day or night.
Remote location and staff workers:
  • Alert Alarms come with SOS functionality with google maps coordinates integrated into the system so head office can locate where the individuals are based
  • Our units have two way call functionality so if you are worried about one of your staff or clients you can call into the device not just have it call out
  • You can ping the location at any time by text message and then get sent back the exact location any place any time
  • The units come with Geo-fencing so you can set up a perimeter and if they are outside of this you will be notified right away
  • The units are super cost effective to run as the only requirement is the working SIM card and our average spend per year on credit is just $10.00
  • All devices come with a 12 month manufacturers warranty to ensure zero technical issues and full confidence on all our devices
For more information you can contact us via our forms page, via our 1800 number or simply drop us an email at and one of our friendly staff will assist you!