Personal Alarm Set Up Policy:

We do everything in our power to make the process of purchasing a personal alarm as easy as possible for our consumers. We are happy to program the device and set up the sim cards on behalf of the purchaser. 

In giving the SIM card set up information to the Alert Alarms Australia team, you accept and consent to us giving this information to the mobile provider on your behalf for the sole purpose of setting up the SIM card for your device. 

If the information provided is unable to be verified by the mobile provider, the responsibility to confirm your identity with the provider will fall back with the owner of the device. 

When programming numbers into the device, while we do double and triple check every order, the programming is a manual process and as such, mistyping of numbers can occur. We ask that you thoroughly test the device with your emergency contacts prior to use of the device to ensure that it is working correctly and the numbers programmed into the device are correct.

In addition to this, if you wish for us to programme and set up the device on your behalf, you must check out using an email address as the checkout option so we can contact you for the setup details. If not, we will install the sim card on your behalf and send it out with setup instructions so you can do so yourself.

Additionally, if you elect to set up the device upon arrival or the details included are incorrect or unable to be verified, the first year inclusion will no longer be included as we don't have the ability to top up the devices balance for you.

In the instance the activation is unable to be processed or you elect to set it up upon arrival, we will not be able to include the first 12 months credit with the purchase.