Alert Alarms Australia Disclaimer

Our website contains various pieces of medical information. The information is not our advice or us advising you to take any specific actions based on this information. It is all publicly available information sourced from various medical journals and reputable medical sources. 
Alert Alarms Australia's site information is published as is and offers no warranties other than those outlined on the warranties page. Alert Alarms Australia does not offer or guarantee the website will always be available not that the information on the website will be up to date, accurate, non-misleading or otherwise true, in particular, the medical information.
Nothing in this disclaimer will limit our liabilities under applicable law.

Device Limitations

Prior to purchasing a device from Alert Alarms Australia, it is important that you fully understand the limitations of the technology being used in our devices. The devices rely on the 3G mobile network and you should take this into consideration when selecting your provider to ensure there is mobile coverage in your location. If you would like more information regarding the coverage in your area, feel free to contact us and we would be happy to assist in checking network coverage. Another thing to be aware of prior to using the Alert Alarms Australia products, is that a common occurrence with 3G based devices including ours is that various things may block coverage. For example, buildings, tunnels, basements, mountains or trees. These kinds of blockages can reduce or stop the accuracy of the device.

Device Credit

The device operates using the mobile network and does come with some credit pre-installed. As the setup process is a manual one, errors can take place. Also, depending on usage the credit may run out more quickly than usual. As such, it is entirely the responsibility of the device owner to monitor the device credit to ensure it is topped up and has an available balance for usage.


Bullet Proof Guarantee

Our bulletproof guarantee is completely true! If you aren't 100% satisfied that the product is as described on our website you are not only entitled to a full refund on your product, but in addition to this, we will give you $100 of our money to apologise for wasting your time. Normal T&C's for returns apply.