Alert Alarms Australia was born from personal need within my family.

I recall almost 10 years ago when my grandfather first became ill, one of the toughest things for him was losing his independence. I recall many heated discussions among my family about whether he could leave the house alone, take the dog for a walk, go to get the news paper from a block away even. It wasn't because we didn't trust him or think he could make it. But more for my grandmother. She worried every time he left. What if he became disoriented, forgets where he is and gets lost? What if he has a fall and nobody is around to help him. What if. He lost his independence far earlier than he needed to.

Fast forward to 2017. He passed away a number of years ago now, and my mother recently asked me to look around for some kind of emergency alarm for my grandmother who now lives alone. When I started doing some research, I discovered lots of fixed alarms for the home and I began to think. What if there was a solution for all of these concerns and predicaments. What would I want out of an alarm that would suit all needs. Fall detection, so if they were unconscious we would know and be alerted. GPS, so we could find them in a time of need. SOS alarm button so they could easily call if needed without having to figure out their mobile phone. Call function so we could communicate if they were lost or hurt. Nothing too big or bulky, it's not something we want them to dread putting on or taking with them. 

After lots of research and time in market, we came up with the perfect solution. Our elderly alarm ticks all the boxes above and more! Pretty soon, 

We are dedicated to helping Australian families have peace of mind in knowing their loved ones are safe.

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2. 30 Money back guarantee on all purchases. 
3. We are Australian owned and operated.

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