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How To Choose The Best Personal Alarms Australia | Alert Alarms Australia

How to choose the best personal alarms?

The best personal alarms can be used to protect our lives. They are created with the idea of helping you stay safe no matter where you are. A good personal alarm is one of the most important self-defense products that you can find on the market.

Where will you use the personal alarm?

A very important thing to keep in mind is where you want to use the alarm. Most of the time a good personal alarm will be suitable for a variety of people. But for the most part, the best personal alarms will be great for kids, for people that walk alone during the evening or night, not to mention they can be extremely good for the elderly as well.


Ideally, a good personal alarm will be easy to store and use. These alarms aren’t meant to be very large. They are for personal protection more than anything. And that makes them extremely durable and helpful.

Number of contacts

Some alarms accept only a single contact; others have support for more contacts. It may not seem that much, but when you are in danger, you want to alert multiple people. So having multiple contacts instead of a single one will be a much better option.


You need the alarm to have a very good reception score. If the alarm doesn’t send the signal properly and it’s not received, then you use it in vain. That’s why you need to always purchase an alarm with the right reception score. Once you do that, the return on investment can be huge.

GPS location

GPS features need to be very good and to the point with the alarm. When the alarm doesn’t offer the GPS location, no one will be able to know where you are. And since it’s an emergency, every second counts. The GPS location of that alarm will help detect your location, so the more accuracy you get, the better it will be for you in the end.

Fall detection

Some of the best personal alarms will also have extra features such as fall detection. This feature will automatically notify your contacts when you have a hard fall, most likely due to an attack. It may not be a mandatory feature, but it comes in handy, and it will help you quite a lot in that perspective.

If you can get any extra features from your personal alarm, that would be great. But do try and think about the overall cost too. Some alarms will be costlier than others, and that’s why you need to see whether you need a more expensive alarm or not. Stick to your budget and don’t go overboard with the costs unless you need to. That will help you quite a bit, and that’s what you need to consider at this point. All you have to do is to make the right choice, so make sure that you study each potential alarm you want to get. Check its features and even test the alarm before purchasing. This way you can obtain the best personal alarms and a good return on investment!

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