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How personal alarms can help you maintain independence in old age

Even in old age, we still desire our independence. No one likes to depend on another because of the joy and freedom that comes with autonomy. Personal alarms were first introduced in the United Kingdom towards the end of the 20th century and were worn as necklaces or wrist bands that had panic buttons that were pressed if the wearer felt that he or she was in some kind of danger. Today, companies such as Telecare ad Assistive Technologies have developed modern personal alarms aimed for elderly people. These alarms are instrumental in helping the elderly maintain their independence in their homes. Sure Safe alarms come in a range of more than fifteen products ranging from fall alarms, key safe alarms and pendant alarms. They offer security and safety for old people while also allowing them to continue living their day-to-day lives.

Another way that personal alarms helps people maintain their independence in old age is by allowing people to only check on them when they have an emergency. Personal alarms eliminate the situation where someone is always around you and making you uncomfortable or uneasy. Most times, these family members or health care providers are not really needed around the elderly 24/7. Lifeline 24 for instance has personal alarms that are small and discreet and when the panic button is pressed, a signal is sent to a monitoring center and only then can a relative, neighbor or emergency service be sent to check up on the person.

Personal alarms also ensure that your independence is maintained by working even if you are outdoors in the yard or garden. There is a myth that an alarm will not work when the user is in the garden. This is, however, false because the pendants always receive signals from 50 meters away and can still transmit an alarm signal when the panic button is pressed. This way, you get to maintain your independence even when outdoors and you do not have to have someone following you around when you are basking in the sun or weeding your tomatoes.

Some people also feel as though personal alarms are invasive and make them feel old. The truth, however, is that most personal alarms have been made to fit seamlessly into your daily routine and no one would even realize that you are wearing one. They look like normal bracelets or necklaces and this maintains one’s independence and privacy. No one wants to feel old by wearing a conspicuous personal alarm and thus the need for more stylish and easy to conceal alarms. They allow old people to go about their business as usual with the confidence that someone will check up on them in the event of a fall or intrusion.

Personal alarms aim to remove the stigma associated with it because they are no longer a “symbol” or old age. They are not there to rip away your independence but rather to reinforce it and ensure you remain at the comfort of your home for as long as possible.

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